Wendell Recreation District


Wendell City Rural Recreation District was created in 1976 when voters of the Wendell area unanimously voted to create the Wendell Recreation District taxing entity. This new taxing entity was created to develop what is now known as McGinnis Park, and the Wendell Swimming Pool. William Grout, Phyllis Bunn, and John Thompson were the original Directors, Joe Marsh Secretary/Treasure. Wendell Recreation District held many fundraisers like Fun Day in the City Park, to make the new pool a reality. In 1978 work began on Wendell Swimming Pool, and completed in 1980, with the pool opening for its first season in 1981. Countless volunteers, and Phyllis Bunn are for whom to thank that Wendell Swimming pool became a reality.

Wendell Recreation District would like to thank Phyllis Bunn for her 30 + years as Board Member/Secretary, Lana Lamm for her 26 years as Wendell Swimming Pool Manager, as well as past and present employees and volunteers.